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Yellow-Eyed Ensatina Salamander
(Monterey Subspecies)
Felled trees, rotting logs are common debris on forest floors.
Decaying tree limbs and trunks are often hollow inside.
Perfect habitat for native salamanders like the Yellow-Eyed Ensatina.
Lungless, the Ensatina breathes by absorbing moisture through its skin.
It's body swells as it absorbs moisture until it
resembles a water-filled balloon.
The Yellow-Eyed Ensatina's eye and skin coloration is a survival adaptation.
To ward off predators, it evolved to resemble the California Newt.
But unlike Newts, the Yellow-Eyed Ensatina
is nocturnal and exceedingly shy.
Avoid handling. Residue on hands can be toxic to this fragile creature.

Extremely sensitive, Ensatinas retreat far underground if they
detect the slightest change in barometric pressure.
They can also vocalize when threatened.

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