Hicks Road
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Slime Lords
Banana Slugs
The watershed lands on both sides of Hicks are home to diverse forms of wildlife, including the lowly Banana Slug. Until I came across this spotted specimen, I thought Banana Slugs only came in solid colors. I'd been looking for mushrooms to photograph when I noticed this little fellow on a piece of deadfall. Its coloring was so pale, that in the dim light I thought it was an albino. I have since found scores more in a creek area where their color and spot patterns predominate and solid yellow Banana Slugs are rare.
In proportion to their size, Banana Slugs cover
considerable distances searching for food.
In wet weather the scent of wild mushrooms
permeates the forest attracting Banana Slugs to the feast.
A pale yellow Banana Slug glides over a carpet of leaves.
Banana Slugs patrol their territory at set times to feed.
The best time to observe them is in the cool morning hours.
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