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Gadzooks!  A Blotched Newt!
1 November 2008
Found this fellow foraging during the season's first rain storm.
Its skin pigment may be a mutant adaptation to suit its particular environment.
Normal looking to a California Newt, except for its skin pigment.
I watched it for several minutes as it foraged across the forest floor.
Like all newts, it took no notice of me and simply
changed direction when I got too close.
An adult male, it's interesting to speculate on the coloration of its offspring.
Newts return to water to propogate. This fellow was
at least a mile from any water source.
It remained active and on the move, hard to photograph in the dim light.
I doubt I'll ever see such an unusually marked CA Newt again.
Leaves found in same area are remarkably similar in color to the blotched newt.
Scores of normal looking CA Newts were also foraging in the same area.
Note the general similiarities to the blotched newt.
CA Newts are gentle, fragile creatures that deserve to live undisturbed.
Returning to the car, found this large newt standing
stock still in the middle of a Park's Service Road.
Intent on some distant objective, it allowed me
to get very close to take its picture.
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